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Do chiropractors treat patients with arthritis?

The word arthritis means inflammation of a joint. The most common form is osteoarthritis, which is a degenerative disease of the cartilage. It is usually a wear-and-tear disease due to excessive or uneven pressure on the joints. This can be caused by spinal or pelvic imbalance, and commonly affects the hips and knees. Osteoarthritis can also be the result of injury to the joints in a fall or motor vehicle crash, which can also affect the neck and shoulders.

X-rays of many people in their 20's show that osteoarthritis is not just an old-age condition. In fact, many people in their 80's and 90's do not have arthritis of the spine if their backs have been kept in balance and moving properly.

Arthritis of the spine is not a contraindication for chiropractic adjustments. The chiropractic treatment for arthritis involves working with the spine to correct lack of joint movement and imbalances. Such treatment can prevent further degeneration - and often partially, if not completely, relieves the pain.

If you have symptoms of arthritis, or have been diagnosed with arthritis, consult this office to find the best course of treatment for relieving pain and preventing further degeneration.

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