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Early Warning System


"I thought it would go away."

Those words are among the most commonly heard phrases in the chiropractor’s office. Many people do ignore pain in the neck, back, shoulders or legs in the hope that it is only temporary. In some cases the pain does go away, sometimes for years. But the cause of the pain usually remains and triggers similar episodes in the future. Such episodes may be a little longer each time and become more frequent. Eventually, the pain does not go away without first becoming debilitating or unbearable. This is the point at which most people seek help.

Once the condition which leads to the pain has been present for a long time, correction of the spinal or joint problem may take considerable time and effort. When the condition is acutely painful, correction is much more difficult because of the presence of inflammation and protective muscle spasms. Treatment during the acute stage still is useful for hastening recovery. Equally important is follow-up treatment after the worst of the pain has gone. Remember, even though it was the final straw that broke the camel’s back, it can’t be fixed just by removing the straw.


A lot of acutely painful conditions - and the long treatment times required to heal them - can be avoided with corrective treatment at the first sign of a problem. The next time you have a "twinge," a "kink," or a pulled muscle, recognize it for what it is - your body’s early warning system that something is out of balance. Don’t wait for it to go away. Even if you don’t feel it now, your family chiropractor can track down the cause and correct it. Then your body will heal without the danger of a worse flare-up the next time.

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