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Hip Pain

Hip pain is a problem that frequently brings people in to see a chiropractor. The hip joints bear the weight of the body throughout life, and are therefore subject to considerable wear and tear, but the cause of hip pain often lies outside of the hip joint itself.

Pain that arises from a problem in the hip joint is usually localized to the hip and often felt more towards the front of the joint. With osteoarthritis of the hip, stiffness and pain develop slowly over a long period of time. The stiffness is often worse after sitting, but walking may increase the pain and can result in a limp. There may be some referred pain to the knee.

A more frequent cause of "hip" pain is pain originating from the sacroiliac joints. This is where the "dimples" in the low back are. Sacroiliac joint pain is felt at the back of the pelvis but may radiate into the buttock, groin, the front, back and side of the thigh, and on to the leg or foot. It is often most painful standing up from a seated position or bending forward.

Whether the pain originates from the actual hip joint or the sacroiliac joints, it is often the result of improper joint movement in the spine and pelvis. Imbalance can cause wear and tear on the hip joint and lead to osteoarthritis. Restoring proper joint movement in the spinal joints may go a long way towards alleviating hip pain, and can prevent further deterioration from occurring.

Chiropractic is the profession that deals with the mechanical functioning of the musculoskeletal system. Though primarily concerned with disorders of the spine, chiropractors are trained to deal with problems arising in any of the joints of the body. Restoration of proper joint movement not only helps to alleviate stiffness and pain, but helps to restore normal joint function and to prevent excess wear and tear. Should you develop a hip problem, or if you’ve been coping with one for several years, this office  to see if it is a problem which can be partly or completely relieved without surgery.

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