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I Can See Clearly Now


Many cases of headache are blamed on poor vision or eyestrain. Occasionally headaches are due to eye problems arising from a heavy workload, poor lighting or the need for new corrective lenses. Frequently, however, such headaches are quickly relieved by chiropractic treatment of the neck or spine. Much to their surprise, many patients treated for such headaches report that they feel they can see more clearly. They may have assumed the problem was eyestrain because they were also having difficulty focusing while reading, driving or watching T.V.

Chiropractors frequently hear such reports of improvement in vision after an adjustment to the spine. Patients may present with complaints of blurred vision, difficulty focusing, "spots" before the eyes or double vision. Examination often reveals a problem with joint movement in the upper spine or neck. In many instances, the patient has had a vision check, and has been told it is normal. In these cases, the symptoms usually disappear with corrective treatment to the spine.

If you feel you cannot see clearly, your eyes should be examined by a qualified professional. If the examination shows your eyesight to be normal, it may be that it is simply difficult to maintain proper focus for any period of time. This can be a result of spinal imbalance.

If you have problems with double vision at times, "spots" before your eyes, or other unusual visual disturbances, check with your medical doctor first. If there is no underlying disease process or organic problem, consult this office. You may have a spinal imbalance which can be corrected.

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