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Menstrual Pain Relief


Many women suffer every month, from puberty to menopause, from severe pain and discomfort.

Although the pain is usually abdominal, it may be felt in the low back or in the legs. Often there is a feeling of heaviness, or a "drawing down" sensation.

The onset of menstrual flow may be characterized by headaches, sometimes severe enough to qualify as migraines. Many women experience marked bloating in the stomach or pelvic area. In some cases the pain at the onset of the menstrual cycle is severe enough to cause absence from school or work and confinement to bed.

The symptoms which occur with the monthly cycle are due to hormonal fluctuations, which can cause congestion in the pelvic organs and water retention. Premenstrual hormone levels also seem to trigger pain in areas where the individual is most susceptible. For this reason, an imbalance in the joints of the spine may cause no pain at any other time but will flare up just before or at the onset of menstruation. Problems in the joints of the neck or at the base of the skull may be present without symptoms until changing hormone levels trigger a headache. Irritation of the nerves in the pelvic area or those which serve the reproductive organs can cause low back pain, severe cramps, bloating and leg pains. In some cases, spinal problems have been factors in irregularity, heavy flow, or cessation of the menstrual cycle.

Often menstrual pain and other monthly symptoms can be relieved and future episodes prevented through chiropractic treatment to eliminate areas of spinal stress and nerve irritation.


To determine whether you have a spinal problem which may be affecting your monthly cycle consult this office.  Don’t feel you have to wait until you are experiencing pain. A chiropractor can detect imbalances and abnormal joint movement which are present all the time and correct them before the symptoms occur again.

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